Notcraft Game Updates / March 4, 2012 - Game Update
March 4, 2012 - Game Update
The following game updates are now live:
  • Factions have been renamed back to Genres to better fit future development plans.

  • A new recruitment reward system based on Notcraft Tokens has been added to the game.

  • Every time you earn 100 tokens, you will be able to claim a rare item prize. You can only claim one prize per day and will not accrue more than 100 tokens at any time.

  • You earn tokens each day you or your recruits are active in Notcraft, but you will not earn tokens for recruits on the same network as yourself.

  • You can view your token status by looking at the Notcraft Tokens progress bar below your avatar in your side profile area.

  • For more information on the new token system, read the FAQ or click on the progress bar titled Notcraft Tokens.

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